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Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons In Atlanta

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon, especially for your nose, then you have come at just the right place.

Cosmetic plastic surgeons in Atlanta are considered to be one of the best when it comes to rhinoplasty surgery. They pride themselves on providing surgical results which are absolutely natural while at the same time ensuring optimal care.

The diverse and highly qualified staff of board certified surgeons possess the
specialty knowledge to address any patient concern in regards to their nose.

Not only do the surgeons work to provide their patients with the best in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery services, but they also take advantage of the latest in non-surgical cosmetic enhancement techniques.

Types of nose surgery

The types of rhinoplasty which are commonly conducted by plastic surgeons in Atlanta are listed below. This is because every nose is unique.

• Reduction rhinoplasty

The patients who seek reduction rhinoplasty are mainly concerned that the sheer size of their nose is disproportionate with their facial features.

Areas of particular concern are the presence of a bump on the bridge of the nose, excessive width at the bridge tip of the nose, and possibly excessive width of the nostrils.

• Augmentation rhinoplasty

This refers to the type of surgery where the dimensions of the nose are increased. This may well be the case in congenital underdevelopment of the nose, after injuries were the support cartilage has been damaged, after surgery which has led to loss of support, or when too much tissue has been removed.

• Ethnic rhinoplasty

In essence, all rhinoplasties are ethnic rhinoplasties, because they take in consideration ethnic characteristics of the nasal shape, skin and facial proportions.

• Post-traumatic rhinoplasty

Injuries to the nose, frequently lead to damage to the bone and cartilage support, and change the appearance of the nose, resulting in deviations, asymmetries and sometimes airway problems.

Deviations of the bones and cartilages of the nose, can be reset with relatively good success rate within the first week to 10 days after the injury.